CD storage - Set of 2 USCD

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  • The set of 2 USCD wall shelfves is simple and functional way to store your CD collection.
  • Characteristics for each shelf : depth 5,9 inch, height 5,9 inch, length 17,71 inch, weight 6,17 pounds
  • Made of FE 360 DC01 steel
  • Each shelf can contain approximately 43 CDs and holds up to 33 pounds.
  • The 2 shelves offer 35,42 inch of usable length (approx. 86 CDs) !

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CD storage - Set of 2 "USCD" shelves 

You can create your own TEEbooks CD storage as you like for storing your CDs horizontally and/or vertically using TEEbooks CD shelves; this is the advantage of aTEEbooks wall mounted CD storage. 

You can choose the color of the set of "2USCD" shelves, either white or grey or red, by clicking on the desired colour and you will receive a white, grey or red CD storage.

The "2USCD" CD shelving system has 35,42 inch of usable length (approx. 84 CDs) thanks to its CD shelves.

Lenght 2 x 45 cm
Depth 2 x 15 cm
Height 2 x 15 cm
Weight 2 x 2,8 kg
Capacity 2 x 10 kg
Capacity CD 2 x 43 CD
Painting Matt Epoxy
Material Acier FE 360 DC01

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