Floating shelves "LE" - Set of 2

$ 100.00

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$ 116.00

Characteristics of the "LE" floating shelves: only 3,93 inch deep, 7,87 inch high and 17,71 inch long.

The "LE"  floating shelves are made of 0,05 inch thick steel sheet and each one weighs 2,64 pounds

Each shelf can hold up to 44 pounds.

You can assemble them to create a small wall-mounted unit for the bathroom, positioning them either horizontally or vertically.

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Floating shelves "LE" - Set of 2 

The floating shelves "LE" are small shelves that are not very bulky thanks to their reduced depth.

You can position them as you please, horizontally or vertically, to obtain small but very functional wall units in the bathroom.

TEEbooks bathroom wall shelves are made of steel sheet, 0,05 inch thick, and can support loads of up to 44 livres.

Lenght 2 x 45 cm
Depth 2 x 10 cm
Height 2 x 20 cm
Weight 2 x 1,8 kg
Capacity 2 x 15 kg
Painting Matt Epoxy
Material Steel 0,05 inch of thickness

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