Vinyl Storage Shelf TEEnyle - Set of 4

$ 300.00

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$ 396.00

  • The four TEEnyle shelves are a handy and understated storage system to show off your records.
  • Shelf dimensions: Length 32cm x Height 15cm x Depth 25cm, Weight 3.5kg
  • Material: FE 360 DC01 steel
  • Each wall shelf can hold up to 30kg and provides storage space for about 60 LPs.

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TEEnyle Vinyl Storage Shelf - Set of 4

Just like record shop shelves, you can now organise and classify your LPs thanks to the new TEEnyle record storage shelf.

Ideally suited for storing 33's, TEEnyle is a sophisticated and understated wall decoration for today's music fans.

Sturdy and easy to install, this new shelf by TEEbooks has been designed to showcase your vinyl and only your vinyl !

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Lenght 4 x 32 cm
Depth 4 x 25 cm
Height 4 x 15 cm
Weight 4 x 2 kg
Capacity 4 x 20 kg
Painting Matt Epoxy
Material Steel FE 360 DC01

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