Bookcase JUDD - 5 shelves

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  • The Bookcase JUDD - 5 shelves 23.62 inch wide, made up of 5 U-shape wall shelves, can easily be fitted in your home to create a little or large storage space: vertical or horizontal, let your imagination run free to suit your needs.
  • Characteristics for each shelf : 5,9 inch deep, 5,9 inch high and 23,62 inch wide, Weight : 3,2 kg.
  • Made of FE 360 DC01.
  • Each shelf can holds up to 20 kg.

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Bookcase JUDD - 5 shelves

To create your own Bookcase JUDD - 5 shelves, made up of 5 'U' wall shelves in white, grey or red, simply click on the desired colour. Each shelf is 5,9 inch deep, 5,9 inch high and 23,62 inch wide, is made of 0,07 inch thick steel and weighs 7 pounds. Each shelf can support up to 44 pounds. The Bookcase JUDD - 5 shelves provides up to 9,84 linear feet of design-conscious storage.

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Lenght 5x23,62 inch
Depth 5x5,9 inch
Height 5x5,9 inch
Weight 5 x 3,2 kg
Capacity 5x44 pounds
Painting Matt Epoxy
Material Acier FE 360 DC01

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