Bookcase JUDD - 5 shelves

$ 380.00

-$ 100.00

$ 480.00

  • The Bookcase JUDD - 5 shelves are made up of 5 U-shape wall shelves, can easily be fitted in your home to create a little or large storage space: vertical or horizontal, let your imagination run free to suit your needs.
  • Characteristics for each shelf: 5,9 inches deep, 5,9 inches high and 23,62 inches wide.
  • Made of FE 360 DC01.

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A practical and design bookshelf 

The bookcase JUDD -5 shelves is the ideal storage system for books. This functional shelf will find its place everywhere. It can be easily placed in corridors, small spaces, lost corners without taking up floor space, but it can also be used to enhance large rooms: fixed to the wall, it is an efficient book storage system.
The U-shape is designed to display your books without allowing them to fall out. Thanks to this system, this shelf is also suitable for storing CDs and DVDs.
With this bookshelf in trendy lacquered steel, you bring a sober and elegant design into your interior. Its rounded edges provide a soft and harmonious visual, so you can combine several U-shaped shelves for a bookcase or a very stylish and original bookshelf. Remember to mix colours to visually energize your book corner.

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Lenght 5x23,62 inch
Depth 5x5,9 inch
Height 5x5,9 inch
Weight 5 x 3,2 kg
Capacity 5 x 15 kg
Painting Matt Epoxy
Material Acier FE 360 DC01

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