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TEEBooks shelves and bookcases, rethink your interior design with these designer and functional creations.

Designer shelves and bookcases for your home

The main objective of these shelves, designed by Mauro Canfori, is to serve a purpose with sobriety in an industrial style. Here, the shelf, as well as the bookcase, serve the books and the objects they support. The shelf subtly disappears to showcase your collectibles. Thus, the first function of the shelves is to sublimate your books and art objects, which become the main decorative elements of your interior. In addition, the designer wall shelves and steel bookcases bring a modern touch to your interior while respecting your decorative style. Our designs reflect a singular and modern vision of furniture, far from the classic shelf. In our TEEBooks online catalogue, you will find a selection of shelves, bookcases, wall shelves, aluminium bathroom shelves and wall-mounted vinyl storage units that blend in with your interior design while subtly highlighting it.

A designer and functional proposal

The TEEBooks storage shelves and bookcases are designer objects at the service of the user. They fulfil their purpose with sobriety and discretion to blend harmoniously with your interior. The shelves are easy to use and can be quickly integrated into your daily routine to better serve you. They will easily find a place on your walls to discreetly decorate without cluttering your interior. They can easily replace your storage units. The simple design of these wall units makes them suitable for all types of interior design. TEEBooks shelves are designed to last over time. They are known for their many qualities, including strength, resistance and durability. Their composition in 1.5 mm thick steel with epoxy powder coating ensures the best reliability. In addition to their design quality, each wall shelf reflects the modernity of its time. It is no longer necessary to spend hours on the internet, or to run from shop to shop to find a designer product that you can afford. The shelves and bookcases presented in our online catalogue are functional, elegant and pure creations that will easily find their place in your home.

Shelves and bookcases adapted to your interior

The wide range of TEEBooks wall shelves and bookcases in our online catalogue offers you the opportunity to choose a designer object that perfectly suits your interior. Different arrangements are possible, vertical or horizontal, wall-mounted or standing, one or more shelves, short or long... These wall storage units can be adapted to any room in the house. The various sizes delicately fit in a large living room as well as in a bedroom. For bathrooms, we offer a range of shelves made of aluminium, a material that is very resistant to water. The TEEBooks wall shelves made of aluminium are resistant to humidity and heat. A designer shelf in the bathroom can be used as a towel rack and soap dish, or a wall shelf in the kitchen to hold pots and pans and kitchen utensils. For the living room or the office, the U-shaped design shelf is the ideal storage unit for your books and documents. This shelf has a 15 cm edge at each end to keep your books straight. There are also bookshelves with higher edges to keep your files and folders in place. Our online catalogue is full of unique shelves and bookcases for simple, modern storage to suit your home.

Unique and original proposals

Our catalogue of TEEBooks storage units, offers you very original wall shelves and bookcases to add something different to your interior without abandoning the primary function of storage. To help you with your interior design project, we have preselected unique creations to help you create a stunning interior design. There are, for example, TEEBooks plant stands, which allow you to hang your pots and create a relaxing and natural atmosphere. It is an interesting accessory to give life to a hallway, for example. This storage system completely rethinks the furniture to propose a designer shelf in accordance with its time. Another original option to display your books is the vertical bookcase. This designer bookcase allows you to stack your books vertically, which brings an anarchic note to your storage, for a scholar's design bookcase type rendering.

Very easy to install at home

After your online purchase, we will quickly deliver your shelves and bookcases throughout Europe. TEEBooks shelves and bookcases are easy to install in your home. They are designed to be installed by anyone, even those with little DIY experience. A few screws plugs and a good screwdriver can be enough to assemble the shelves. We provide you with valuable tips to help you install your shelves at home. Then all you have to do is enjoy your new designer storage unit in comfort.